He Left on a Wednesday


It's 6:27 on a Thursday morning 

I woke up with a knife in my stomach and I'm missing you


It's 7:39 on a Thursday morning 

I pull over on the way to school because I'm crying too much

and I'm missing you


It's 8:52 on a Thursday morning

I ask to to be excused 

How am I supposed to think about 

Which constitution was written in 1870 

When all I can think about is the way your lips felt on mine the last time

and I'm missing you


It's 10:12 on a Thursday morning

I'm killing myself slowly because I keep checking my phone for a text from you

I know it will never come because I'm the one who messed up so now I'm broken

and I'm missing you


It's 10:50 on a Thursday morning

He sits across from me in this class

He tries asking how I'm doing

I tell him he has to leave me alone because all I can think about is what I've done

and I'm missing you 


It's 12:15 on a Thursday afternoon

My best friend takes me to lunch 

She holds me while I cry

Through my sobs I hear her say something about her talking to you 

She tells you how I'm broken 

and I'm missing you 


It's 3:36 on a Thursday afternoon

I feel like a zombie. Lifeless. 

I am empty

and I'm missing you


It's 7:58 on a Thursday evening

My friends try cheering me up

They make me dinner and get me to stop crying but since everything reminds me of you, I'm thinking about our first date and the way you made me laugh over a meal 

I’m thinking about the way you made my eyes light up when I spoke 

and I'm missing you 


It's 11:56 on a Thursday night

I cant fall asleep because I'm staring at all the pictures of us in my phone

You've infected me

and I'm missing you 

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Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, that makes me so happy!

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