I Got My Flowers Today :)


I Got My Flowers Today

My Favorite Red & White Roses

I Finally Saw " My Friends" That Said They Were Going To Stay

Please, More Like Opponents 

Everyone Dressed In Black 

But I Was The Only One In White

No One Seemed Happy 

I Knew Something Wasn't Right

My Mother Bawling Into My Dads Arms As If She Heard Horrible News

I Tried To Recollect My Thoughts To Gather All My Clues

I Look Around & See Nothing But Tear Filled Eyes

I Heard Screams, Seen Trembling Bodies & Screeching Cries

I Was Layed Down With My Eyes Shut, Death On One Side & God On The Other

Everything Was Hitting Me One After Another..... & Another... & Another....

I Looked Down In The Coffin & Seen My Pale Resting Reflection

My Lifeless Corpse White As Angels Feathers

But The Cuts On My Neck & Chest Spoke Rejection

I Finally Realized

I Was Dead

The Park! The Alley! All Bloodshed!

I Was Only 17

I Haven't Live My Life Fully

I Wasn't The One That Took My Life 

My Life Was Taken By My Bully

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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