My Take On "Truly Listening"

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 11:09 -- Brehlie


When someone truly Listens to you

They will react both inside and out.

A response infused with emotion

Showing you that they have been moved by your words.


When someone truly listens to you

You do not feel as if you are speaking to a wall.

The words that leave your lips

Do not bounce back at you, devoid of meaning


When someone truly listens to you

They look into your eyes

Their attention unlocks the doors to your soul

You can say all that you feel without hesitation

You feel safe


When someone truly listens to you

Your words will stick with them

Move them farther than any mode of transportation.

Your words can touch a heart

Or leave a scar

Either way the impact cannot be revoked.


Give your words thought

Speak only what you sincerely mean

Because you never know...

Who's truly listening


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