My love is dead

The things I see in the darkness of my room at night

they flicker with fairy-like insincerity of dreams you don't quite remember

Memories of your hand in mine fades like I've rubbed my eyes too hard

I grip like a frightened child to the dreams I have of you 

but still they pale and shrink like a bird on bitter wings,

flying up to kiss the clouds on days like these


My friends watch me scrabble to catch all my sweet memories

Watch my try to snatch them like papers lost on the wind

They say that there are more Princes in the world all waiting to sweep me up

But I know that none of them will hold so tightly and tickle me the way you do

I remember times when  you'd look at me and pretend like you had just seen the most beautiful thing

My friends don't know it but no other Prince could do that


In my sleep I search the globe for any sign that you survived the storm

I blow gently on the fire you set in my heart, trying to rekindle my anger

"He loves me!"

A hand touches my shoulder and puts it out.

"Don't go near"

"I know he does!"

I cry as the last little scrap is carried off by gusts like demons

"There will be another"

The hand squeezes and the last little ember is snuffed

I weep like the sun has gone out


I grow inclined to believe that time will heal all wounds


I haven't heard you speak for such a long time

I think you must be dead

My heart groans in anguish but I think you must be dead

I hold sweet memories to my chest like love letters and bury them in secret places

Now, when I look up into the sky and think,

'He sits below it too.' 

My chest doesn't tremble and my spirit doesn't leap to grasp for yours

because I know that you are dead

Though my heart still yearns to be near you my body fears to follow you into the depths 


My love is dead and my resolve lay beside him weakens each day

The sweet memory of your last kiss rings, the only solid evidence you ever darkened my doorstep

I live on that kiss like addict on a single fix,

my supply will slowly disappear and I along with it 

Perhaps it's time I let that die too


Peace is come to clear my mind of all the heartache bred

Peace at last, peace at last

My love is finally dead

This poem is about: 



The wound has healed but the scar remains. Ashes remain where the fire once burned, as a reminder.

Excellent work!


Thanks man, means alot

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