Don't Feel Sad

As I sit alone on the brink of death

My mind wanders to a gentler time.

A time when the wind didn't bite

And sun it set- never died.

I remember the first kisses,

the many, many kisses

But more importantly-

the only one that mattered.

The kiss of love.

And how I was always

either too late, or too early.

I gave up on love too early,

and so I met my soulmate too late.

But what does it matter now?

I met her- which is more than many can say.

With her I thought I could never lose.

But of course I did. 

I lost, I lost, I lost.

I lost my mind, I lost my spirit,

And now- I am losing my life.

But I don't feel sad about it.

Are you?

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