To Whom it May Concern

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 16:02 -- Garocho


United States
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To whom it may concern:
What is it about me that frightens you?
Is it the way I talk? The way I walk? The way I’m shy?
If you really get to know me I am a nice and sweet guy.

Why is that people judge me on appearance, instead of my heart?
Why is the one person I love, her family wants to pull us apart.

I try to get past the ridicule and shame, but what is it? The color of my skin? My race?
Or does the neighborhood I grew up around show you who I am because
I can definitely say I am not like that!
They blame my family for their attitude and ways, when in reality they are the same.

Does the look in my eyes scare you?
Because I am sure that you have not looked deep into them.
However, your daughter has, she knows me inside and out for who I truly am.
But no matter what I do, all you want to do is hurt us.
We are not some piece of Ham that you can break apart.
We go above and beyond because of our hearts.

We love each other but they will never see.
The true me, the true you, a MASK is all you see.

The so called softness towards my mom shows that I will be a GREAT guy.
A boyfriend, A husband, A father, huh thats a word “father”
Like the ONE I never had.
Why is it that the worst pain comes from not having a dad?
All you know is my messed up life with my step-dad.
I have endured so much and all I do is endure!
Endure, Endure, Endure!
How MUCH more do I have to take?

This is not a LIFE, this is some cruel act of FATE!
Why is that you want us to break up?
When all that I am doing is trying to raise up the daughter you have.
The daughter you FORBID, to let the real her shine!

Truth is I will love her, through sickness and in health.
But right now all the bad cards are DEALT.
My family is NOT how you THINK they are.
Hell I barely see them! If you really KNEW them you would see.
That they all have a STORY, just like me.
We all had troubled pasts, that we don’t dare SPEAK.
But PLEASE move on, look PAST my family

I have not shown any mistreatment, I have NOT hurt your daughter.
All I want to do is love her, and hear her laughter.

You can break US apart! But you will NEVER see.
The TRUE beauty in your daughter, that she has shown ME.
Have her hide behind your SHADOWS, but in reality she SHINES bright!
Glowing past both of YOU! Showing her OWN light!
She SEES the REAL me, that you can’t EVER see!
Because I UNDERSTAND her, and she understands me.

To whom it may concern, yeah thats a new one.
My heart always yearned for someone as amazing as your daughter
and she has earned my love beyond compare

To whom it may concern, I am ME!
Look past my neighborhood, family, life, and scars.
Look into my heart! Because surely right now... it is falling apart.


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