The end of me.


I laid in bed,

I could not write.

I lost my soul,

and lost my mind. 

Now I am so frustrated,

I simply just can not take it. 

Tears streamed down my face every night,

I held on to you so tight.

You betrayed me, and you decieved me.

Suddenly you chose lust so greedily,

I gave you every inch of me.

I showed you love but you could not see,

Not more blind than me I let you hold that knife

That ended everything that I was ever supposed to be.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

turn this frustration and betrayal to an inspiration that will give you the strength in overcoming heartaches

this is another great poem-very descriptive and detailed-oriented

write a poem that brings positive energy

i want you to open your eyes to a new horizon

give yourself an opportunity to build off your talent in writing

i felt the words-imagine if you were to recite this at an open mic event

keep writing-this is the beginning of your healing process

Oliver Hancock

Be strong dear stranger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. What the world often lacks can be used to go harder. What they don't know may get them in the end, but for eternity I share joy, my friend.


definetly beautiful


It's not the end until it is.

You can still write.

The end is far away.


Wow...... That speaks....


explicitley raw. good job thinking of the perfect words.

Brooke Gladney

This is exactly how I'm feeling about a situation in my life. This poem is beautiful.


really good and great way to speak to your audience. you dont know true pain until it hinders your abbility to write.


absolutely beautiful


Kowareta no iseki

When I read your poem, it feels like something inside you has been cut, and that even though you can't 'write', you have got to do something to ease the building pain and frustration inside you. I'm not sure if this is how you feel, but I think it might help to remember that anything is possible, good or bad. So . . . look at everything, if that makes any sense.


Reading this, I felt what you were going through. This is an amazing piece.


This is really amazing, im thankful that you wrote this.


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