Thursday Morning

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 11:30 -- DavilaD


United States
28° 40' 4.35" N, 81° 18' 44.7624" W

Thursday morning, just like any other
I wake up. the vibe is different.
I have yet to find out, but
something is wrong

It's not yet sorrow or anger
Just a feeling I cannot describe
And til this day it remains the same
Something is wrong

In a lit up box, a pile of metal
Turning into something I can discern
There I realize I have seen this before
I'm still not sure, but something is wrong

Captions appear and I see "fatal"
Yet what followed brought the pain
one which I could not feel nor explain
Something is wrong

A name & I knew who it belonged to
Surrounded by spare words & blue
And just above a bold headline that grew
Now its certain, something is wrong

Now I'm here looking at the owner of the name
An innocent young lady, a daughter, my friend
From warm-hearted & lively to lying stiff & cold
No doubt in my mind, something is wrong


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