There's a place for everything and everything in its place..
Well, where do I put the memories of the past I can't erase?

Cause they're serving me no purpose.. They are just weighing me down..
Help me put away the loneliness - reminding me you're not around...

Where's the place for broken pieces - of the heart you left behind?
Hey! Maybe while search for that, I might find my misplaced mind...

I just always forget where I put it, but I haven't "lost" it yet..
Last time I remember using it.. Was 5 days after we met..

Cause on the 6th day you came back, so I put my mind away..
I placed my heart in full control.. what's left's still in control today..

Where's the designated area for emotional scars
and trust issues - caused by all your lies?
And I can't find the place where tears go.. but I'm sick of them being in my eyes...

Can you help me put away the worthlessness - I felt EVERY TIME you chose to go..?
Where could I fit all the emptiness you left - so you should know...

I HAVE to put away the echoes repeating so clearly - every word you've said...
Because it feels like we're in the same room... and then I'm left losing you again...

Where does the love I STILL feel go? What about the wanting and WISHING you would care??
Till I find A WAY and place to put YOU away.. WHEREVER I go - YOU'RE still there...

And YOU'RE still the ONLY ONE that I'M NEEDING.. YOU'RE the ONLY ONE I'm EVER and ALWAYS missing, too...
There's a place for everything; YOURS is in MY HEART...
...and in my heart...

"Just say you won't let go...."



This poem relates to me in a big way with the one i was with

Jaedon W.



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