A Soldier's Promise



As a man plays with his daughter he gets the callThe man sits quietly on the phone as he listens to his future,His daughter grabs his hand and asks him if somethings wrongHe quietly watches and then says,"Nothing sweetheart I promise I will be alright." A few years later the girl is all grown up Daddy is still gone to war,The girl's father calls one nightThey talk for hours and hours then he whispers something to her and leaves,The girl watches her friends and their dadsShe quietly whispers her dads words,"I promise I'll be home soon and safe." A few days later the man's daughter receives a callAs she drops the phone crying she thinks back,She thinks about the days when she was youngWhen she was scared he was there to protect her,She remembers his warm touch caress her faceHis deep voice reading her a bed time story,Then she remembers her soldier's promise"I promise I'll be home soon and safe."


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