My Wishes

I wish that I can make them happy.

I wish I can make it true.

But I wish that I didn't have to procrastinate, but hey what can I do?

I wish I wasn't so privileged.

I wish they understood.

But I wish they knew that it's easier said than done, I believe I did all I could.

I wish I did more than enough.

I wish I could handle all the pressure.

But I wish that I had the help I needed, to each problem there's a lever.


But I wished I hadn't stayed up so late.

I wished I didn't get distracted so much.

I wish I could be their star child, so they can perhaps loosen their clutch.

But I wished my friend didn't break our friendship.

I wished it wasn't so awkward.

I wish that I could've done something to turn the time backward.


But I cannot wish, for something that I could do.

Things I know I can do, because everyone already knew.

That I am much better than wishes, I am much more than this.

I am much more than I think I am, a person who we all miss.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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