I want to build you a library and fill it with all your favorite books

And all the reasons I still love you.

And I will never stop adding to it

That way you can wander the halls of my heart chambers forever.

And the stories will never grow old

And you and I will never grow old

And some books are worth re-reading


Let me hold your hand and lead you down the corridors decorated with my memories of you framed in silver and gold behind rose-tinted glass, just out of reach.


Tomorrow the sun will shine new rays through the windows above us in such a way that everything will look like it is on fire.

And just for a moment it will bring us back to reality

Where everything is on fire

A reality where this doesn’t work

A reality where my heart is a tchotchke you left on the shelf to collect dust

And my tears now have their own blue spot on the topographic map of New York

And I will name the lake after you

And I will name it Lake indifference

And though you wouldn’t love the name

You wouldn’t hate it either

And I guess that’s just so fitting.


And when the rainy season comes I will plant new roots

Roots that won’t get washed away this time I will plant deep roots

Roots so strong the wind can’t blow me away

And I will plant flowers

I will start with forget-me-nots

And bleeding hearts

And all the wild rose that I can manage

No matter how many times the thorns cut me

No matter how much I bleed on the canvas

I never did listen to red flags anyway


And now I am waving a white one

High enough for god to see it

I am building a castle of cold limestone

Large enough to block out the sun

And when the armies of those who have never know love come to tear it down

They will never be able to find me.

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