No One Notices


No one notices how you cry at night.

No one notices how your heart aches through the day.

No one notices your depression.

No one notices your scars on your arms and legs.

No one notices your silent screaming.

No one notices.


No one listens to your pleas.

No one listens to your cries.

No one listens to the sadness in your voice.

No one listens to your problems.

No one listens to your screams for help.

No one listens.


No one wonders if you're okay.

No one wonders if you're alright.

No one wonders why your sad.

No one wonders why you're alone.

No one wonders why you starve yourself.

No one wonders.


Everyone laughs at you in the hallway.

Everyone laughs as you mess up.

Everyone laughs as their friends make fun of you.

Everyone laughs as you breakdown crying.

Everyone laughs.


Everyone judges your clothes.

Everyone judges your music.

Everyone judges your body.

Everyone judges your weakness.

Everyone judges.


You given up on your school.

You given up on your future.

You given up on your feelings.

You given up on others.

You given up on your life.

You given up.


You bleed crimson guilt.

You bleed crimson regret.

You bleed crimson relief.

You bleed crimson hope.

You bleed crimson life.

You bleed crimson.


Everyone cries at your funeral.

Everyone cries over your dead pale body.

Everyone cries over your pain.

Everyone cries for you...

Yet no one notices until its too late.


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