Childhood Artifacts - No More (by Myngan Tran)

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 22:56 -- mtngan1


I stacked them up as tall as the sky

Which may sound like very high

Though really it was just a lie,

Probably because I was small in size.


My mother brought them home each month,

‘Til I could stack them up no more,

And as it accumulated to its own galore,

“Mother,” I begged, “no more… no more.” 


I remember still its vivid colors,

Disgustingly yellow to my own dismay,

Attached on top was a white cap to stay,

Inside were capsules for my mother each day.


See, mother was very ill.

Those “jars” I’ve regarded as a toy,

Never really gave her any joy,

Now that I know what they were meant for,

I wish for them no more… no more. 





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