I Love You

“I Love You”

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The words “I love you” breathe sentimentality. The english language persits of over 100,000 words, and this altercation resembles one of the most powerful feelings known to man. A syntax of words that flows aesthetically together, allowing humans to speak on the feelings of their souls. "I love you" delivers both positive and negative emotions. Humanity revolves around devotion, through different aspects and styles. A loving relationship remains combined with partnership and trust, caring and respect. Relationships take patience and effort, they rely on the ego of one another.

Emotions; love's side by side companion. Understand that agitation prevails naturality. Certain emotions often baffle and confuse, causing the wrong words to burst. "I love you" requires time with no rush. Sometimes these words contain oblivion.  Little thought put into something that needs thoroughly thunken out. A conjunction of letters that prevails a masterpiece of happiness can paint a picture of gloom and depression. They get tossed into the wind with little care how far they will blow. These three words, without thought, can destroy a mortal universe.

But sometimes, the words “I love you” have great value, with more meaning than words themselves can express. Feeling pure love; heart beating, blood flowing to every inch of the body, endless love can exist. Trust, an often difficult tactic of love, needs expressed and proven without thought. Effortlessly, trust displays itself in and out of each relationship. Crossing the line of faith can lead down a winding road of negative emotions.

Infatuation revolves around balance. Everything in it needs equity, not too much, not too little. A bubbling, buzzing sensation in the stomach, a warm front blowing on the innermost of the body, love shows itself through goosebumps and chills. Passion needs harmony.

Love requires patience. Relationships rely on the endeavor of both people. One's “I love you” undergoes echoing by the other. Effort means not gifts and sexual compulsion, things that eventually prove worthless, but means an attempt at pure loyalty. The balance of effort needs endured each day through caring and curiosity of each other's prosperity.

Show love in the way it feels the most natural. Portrayed in many ways, love lights only according to the companions of devotion.  A bubbling, buzzing sensation in the stomach, a warm front blowing on the innermost of the body, love shows itself through goosebumps and chills. “I love you” has much more meaning than minds give. It should live only in balance, only at the right time. “I love you” means to comfort and reassure, not to manipulate and confuse. Mean the words that come from the mouths of humanity.


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