Dear Daddy

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 23:41 -- erikavb


United States

Dear Daddy,


I think it's been a while father,

Don't you ever wonder what's going on with your daughter?


It’s been long since you’ve gone,

Doesn’t it occur to you that this is wrong?


My friend's daddies always took them fishing,

But I already forgot what it's like to be daddy missing.


Your silence was always so strong,

Stronger than your shouts from across the pond.


I’ve been stressed to the point of pulling hair,

Haven’t you ever wished that you were there?


I wanted you to be there for me when life was bad,

Yet you never cared to check up on me when I was sad.


I thought you might be proud that I didn’t flunk,

But instead I helped carry you up the stairs while you were drunk.


I think you must imagine that we’re never stressed,

But hasn’t the doctor told you I’m depressed?


I want to get money, I want to go to school,

But you think living off my mommy is still cool.


She saved up some money for a vacation soon,

But you stole it and went to Cancun.


I was so scared, daddy, of your shout,

But that's honestly all you were ever about.


My mama was at work and I was always alone,

Yet you still would never pick up the phone.


My mama’s life tied her in a knot,

Aren’t you worried about the battles that we’ve fought?


You seem to forget about me without a need,

You only ever come to me with a plea.


I apologize, but I must say this to you,

I still love you, but I can no longer help you.



Your only daughter.

This poem is about: 
My family


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