A Life Never Lived


A Life Never Lived

I hear them quarrel

About my life

So cold and immorel

Words like a knife


The truth is ungloved

I am not wanted

I am not loved

I feel quite daunted


How can this be?

I want to live!

To be us three

To grow and thrive


I want to learn from you two

What is right and wrong

To get through and through

To be big and strong!


I want the chance

To live a life

To have a dance

With my future Wife


To see my little ones

Run and play

To watch my sons

Grow up someday


I want the chance to grow old

To remember the time

That was so gold

And sublime


And when my life decides to end

My thought of both of you

As I  descend

Oh how blessed I was  to know you two.


But the decision was made

I will never grow

I feel dismayed

But I want you to know


I desperately want the both of you

The thought of us three

I wish I could change that to be true!

My father, my mother, and me


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