Everyday I wake up reluctant to get out of bed

Discouraged by the thought that today will hold nothing but more pain and heartache

I close my eyes against the familiar pangs of anxiety

Leaving the warmth of my blanket with heavy feet and a heavier heart

Tears slip from between my closed lashes

Dampening my cheeks but i wipe away the evidence

Painting on a bright smile before i go out to face the world

I spend my days wearing a mask

Hiding behind an act of pretence

Only revealing my true self when i'm alone

When I carve into my arm trying to numb the pain

Trying to calm the anxiety

Trying to escape

I'm constantly battling tears away

Fighting to keep a smile on my face

Scared people will see through my happy facade

This internal war is draining me

Sucking out my enthusiasm

Leaving me empty

I feel broken and depressed

I feel like a ghost.

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