Dear You

November 1st, 2016


Dear the Man,

Challenge me here, my dungeon of sorrow

Make me or break me, a push of tides

You left a point on my blunt dagger

Then directed it towards me, my own demise


You are a man of my own creation

My own function of hopes that will relieve me

Kill me or make me live, but I am no chess piece

I am the chess board, the ominous but not controlling


I fell into you, a cushion at the bottom of my cage

But one wrong move, and a spike

That tears out our hearts and leaves throaty coughs

My man, my love that is forbidden, why do you do this?


Why did you destroy me so quickly, when I was loyal?


January 23rd, 2017


Dear the Adolescent,

I am furious to be here, thousands of miles away

A plane ride consisted of three and tears from windows

You did this to me, you caused this

How could you, when you said you loved me


We talked not too long ago, a reminder of what happened

You pretended we had never kissed or said, love

Maybe you were scared of the consequences

Or maybe you knew that you were lying all along


You don’t know what you did wrong!

I am sorry and we can work it out, this isn’t the end

Maybe there’s hope for this irresponsibility

I’ll see you soon in the summer, can we talk then?


Why didn’t you come to where we met?


June 3rd, 2017


Dear the Child,

I am no longer angry, I am only moving forward

My dreams of us were half-baked

You were wrong, but I was too,

We were simply too much like each other


I was too young, and you too old

But our opposites ended there, we were shallow

Like the ice, you created between us, a monument

I will always be wary of children like you, the ones who prey


I am happy, today I met a man

Not just a man but something better, a human

There is no game like this, just affection and hope

No more hiding my happiness, instead on full display


You used me, but I have no feelings anymore. Instead:


Thank you for teaching me.



The Girl who you taught.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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