The Halls


We all walk down the halls

Some in groups some not at all

Traces of nervousness cover the walls

There are failures, and the winners come out tall

Because life has no second chance usually not at all.

The rumors, the names but at second glance the people cannot be taught

To live there life now because later the fun will all be gone.

So make a mark on this earth before the very end. Make them remember you, make yourself a trend.

Who cares! Who whines! Let’s make ourselves alive. Start a revolution.

Change the world! Start a conflict about the so called certain world!

Say the big men are on a pedestal.

They are fake they lie!

Rebel, make the world think-that you should be in hell.

Who cares for those who gratify the people who do no wrong.

For those beings are not interesting nor are they at all strong.

So to all the ones who think we are insane.

Who think we’re to blame.

But what they don’t is,

They follow the same things that people once thought were anything but-sane.

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