Alone No More


United States
29° 36' 51.48" N, 81° 13' 47.4708" W

I sit here alone,
Afraid and confused
This child that I bear,
Leaves me not the bit amused
This was not on purpose,
I should have kept my head on focus.
How can I tell them?
Most important how can I tell him?
Will he want me?
Or, have nothing to do with me?
Was it worth it?
Am I ready?
Most definitely.
A moment I am not ready for,
Now faced with that only option behind that door.
He accepts the responsibility,
They give me a lecture.
Both I am relieved to hear
But this burden I am about to bear.
Was it worth it?
A thought I should have asked before,
At least I sit her Alone No More.


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