I Stole a Friend

I stole a friend, I took them hostage, I held them here to listen.

You didn't know me when I pulled my gun, you didn't know what I wanted.

You begged for your life, I begged for you to listen.

I bled out all that I had, I shared with you how I felt haunted.

You asked what I intended, and I told you to just listen.


I spoke and you listened for hours until the cops came.

I knew you would never live the same.

They said I did it just for the fame.

But there isn't anyone or anything that I can blame.

I just hoped I would ignite someones flame.


I kidnapped a friend, a person to listen.

Someone to not judge, who I wouldn't scare.

Because some things can't be spoken.

And I hate how it's not fair.

To hold it all inside and sit alone.

To sit in the dark broken.


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