I'm a Marionette,
Your lifeless little toy,
Anyone can play with me,
Be they girl or boy.

The wires tied around my arms,
You control them as you wish
You can break my heart and cause me harm
And I won't hate you for this.

I'll obey all of your commands,
With a painted smile on my face
Make me follow every demand,
Doesn't matter my heart can't break.

You say that I am perfect
Your personal little doll,
You wouldn't say I'm perfect,
If you truly saw my flaws

But you have my heart tied up in strings,
Making it beat to your will
And even with all of these horrible things,
I must love you still.

So I'm your little marionette,
Do with me what you will,
But remember if no one pulls the strings....

Then aren't I doomed to stand still?


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