Tiny steps at first,

Lost, Unsure,

You never know where you're going until you've already gotten there.


One step, Two,

You see the world in bright colors.

Running, Laughing. 

You're young, have some fun.


Your family's happy,

You love their joy.

You brother hugs you tight,

He's the one who's always there wheb you're scared at night.


Three steps, Four,

You're learning better now.

Your laughs have gone silent and you're so tired.

You're learning how the world works through the screams down the hall.


You wish they would stop fighting,

Maybe then your brother would come home.

Now you see the world through tearstained eyes and believe you're all alone.


Five steps, Six,

You're closing your eyes tight,

Holding your breath as you step out into the night.


Maybe they'll be happier without you,

Maybe they'll love each other now. 

You hope so.


Seven steps, Eight,

Open your eyes.

You can't stay here, 

So you go and hide.


It's not safe,

You know that.

You walk to the edge and then you can't step back.


Nine steps, Ten,

You won't come home again.


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