So This True Love...

My heart aches and screams as I lay in my bed. My body is cold though I am covered. My tears want to pour from my eyes. But my pride won't let them. I wish so bad that I hadn't let someone so close to my heart. I thought it was love, but now I know it was a mistake. Please God strike me dead. Death is a better feeling than my broken heart. Please strike me from this earth, for I cannot live with the pain of knowing she will never love me. I have never cried for anyone but the dead and in anger. But here I lay in my bed sobbing like an infant child who has just soiled himself. I regret letting her in I regret letting myself fall for her I am going to stay true to my word of never stopping my text, but I am never letting anybody in my heart again the pain of loosing someone is too much. Good bye love I am never going to love again.


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