Making A Statement

Making a statement, I'm now living in the present

But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed

cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last

How dare I forget wen we still enslaved Not quite in the chain that's physical

But instead they messing with our mentals

Our food, our skin, my head? I put chemicals

Had me sittin and wondering why our race so dysfunctional

dropin out, unemployed, depending on the govt in poverty getting comfortable

its 'cause we still chained Tryna decipher

killing the earth, giving money power

I forgive but I won't put my past in a grave

Cuz I traveled way back to the days befre I was a slave

But a spirit of energy then discovered and found me

I realized that u don't know god , nor the father in who u believe

Receiving ya messages wrong the life we living all wrong

U said he's gone that he's coming again

But I'm staring u in ya face , threw us he's been livin'

Fast forward , I grew up never trying to fit in

We living to die? that can't be how it all ends

Programming me with the radio media n television

Tryna tell me no Tryna force me to fit the dying trends

my mind didnt agree yet i confirmed outta fear,

ya I was yung but didn't accept the lies in my ear

Who I am and my thoughts? Remained even today they aren't lost

Programmed to be something we not

tryna control me but I'm not a robot

Spending unnecessary money couldn't really afford the things we bough

t At the end Of the day after I took a shower , no make up no extensions I still thought

I looked pretty Gud, attractive n hot

Making a statement , for the world but even more for myself

Why try the please others when u can feel Gud pleasing yur self

Tryna fit in but instead u losing yurself.

Go back to the past so this storm won't last

Realize we are spirits of energy stuck in a body driven and brain washed by cash

Consumers of death we polluting our health

Organics fruit of the earth, only left for those of wealth

Why we low on money wen it's paper from trees

Ya it's green like leaves but it's messing with our memory .

So I'm makin a statement . We've become victims of the matrix .

This life? human race? we've disgraced it

U strung off greed

and to frgt our past, we let u feed

But here I am living in the present .

With this soul saving message

Looking u in yur eyes contradicting all of your lies

My fro defying gravity, natural beauty that confirms my divinity

My skin melanin lik all living things,

we derived from stars became queens and kings

God is good it not a he,god is love for it lives inside a me

We are all divine, born life with all we need

materialistic has brought nothing but greed

wen the universe gives us all that we need

But u still staring at me

Puttn me In physical chains, sayin that I'm crazy.

Cognitive dissonance affecting yur inference

U not Tryna listen there's no interference

Still seeing my skinnot letting my message seep in!

U keep asking and begging for blessings,

but instead receiving u retrieving dat false stuff u believe in.

let me into your mental alter your physical

have you questionin chemicals

no more pills and potions, nor negative emotions

rub on this natural lotion...

I made a statement, I just taught u a lesson

New purpose of life you then found, Gravity weighing us down.

But hair stands tall and remained so wen the wind blown.

Everything that lives grows

With a spirit it has and naturally knows

that on this earth we have purpose

To give to god and in return receive

All the things that we need .

Forget those material things ,

go back to the natural, We were born with all that we need ~Forbidden Fruit



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