Letter for Charles

Hello Charles.  I'm not going to call you grandpa becayse I've never met you, and I haven't always heard the best things about you.  But if I could, I would give you the chance to explain yourself.

I want to know so much about you.  Like, why did you and Granny divorce?  Was the divorce because of my dad?  Why did you resort to alcohol?  Was that more important to you than the people around you?

You died before I was ever born.  I wonder if you would have wanted to meet me, or did you not care about your future family?  I wish I could of had you here.  Well at least I think I do.

If you're curious, then you can read on and learn a little bit about me.  My name is Jensen.  I'm Shane's daughter.  I'm seventeen now.  I play volleyball and shoot archery.  I love boiled shrimp and reading books outside.  I'm rather short, and I act a lot like Granny.  And I've got a short temper.  So, you many not like me.  Whether or not, I honestly don't care that much because I love who I am.  Plus you didn't stick around much to even be associated with the word family.  Although I sound rather mean and angry right now, I'm not.  I just wish I had one chance to talk to you.  I wanted to have a grandfather.  I wanted you to not leave so early.  I wanted to meet you.  I want to know.

With love,


This poem is about: 
My family


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