The Abandoned

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 00:15 -- Shelene

Tight, close, that's what we were.

In our youth, we were always so sure.

We laughed and we cried, but we always stayed together.

We promised we would be forever.

We were young girls, running through the fields of love and joy.

But as I became older, my mind became filled with noise.

Thoughts of pain, thoughts of regret.

But my biggest pain of all hadn't yet been met.

I lost my world, and you were there to comfort me.

But as I remained trapped, you ran free.

I look on as you find love and prosperity.

But what has become of me?

I ask for your help, but you just look on, as everything around me seems to go wrong.

I want to find myself, I want to enjoy the ride.

But I find I can't do that without you by my side.

I felt I had a chance, but you've proven otherwise.

You have let bigger things catch your eyes.

There is no other way of putting it.

I am the outcast, I have been shunned.

I can truly say now, I am the abandoned.

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My community


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