Siren's Song


Ed W. Clark High School
Pennwood Avenue
United States
36° 8' 14.2332" N, 115° 11' 58.0452" W

The beating of my heart  

Is a Siren's song 

Dragging me to the shore 

Forcing me to relive our love 

Beginning at the start 


The 32nd day of school 

We had the same class 

You were so cool that I almost lost mine 

I asked you to the dance  

And the results were sublime 


6 months passed by 

But we'd lost track of time 

You were fearless, unafraid of death 

And I was fearless too, when your lips touched mine 

I can almost remember the taste of your breath 


It's been 248 days since you left 

You took with you, the slightly left portion of my lower chest 

I still remember you telling me, when you were born 

Your lip was cleft, and that your mother knew just who to go to 

But unlike you, I must perform surgery on myself 

To mend the heart that you tore in two 


Sirens sing songs to calm the beating of my heart 

That ripples waves like tsunamis 

Filled with every time you told me that you loved me 

That conjures storms like hurricanes 

My love for you however, pouring out, in every drop of rain 


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