Public Service Announcement (Spoken Word/ Poem)

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 15:59 -- Qualema

What is a mind that never thinks ?

What is an eye that never sees ?

What is a mouth that never speaks ?

Quit checkin’ for me.

I always think !

I always see !

I always speak !


There will never be heresy among me.

No treason.

No reason to ever doubt me.

You know nothing about me.

Only what I tell you.

If you were ridin’, you would have fell through.

A dark hole, no space.

I’m high as hell, Altitude because I’m in a high place.

You best get out of my face, your in Myspace.

Get off my wall, read my wall on Facebook.

I’m Microsoft, you’re Microhard, maybe that’s the Outlook.

Bird chicks love to tweet, they make dudes reconsider.

Too many DM’s on twitter.

They love to Flag a bitch on some petty shit.

Well that’s it !

No media for me, until they can adore me.

Google me, search box, explore me.

Then hit me in my inbox.

No Pyramid Schemes, don’t try to hype my dreams.

Don’t rob my team, Papa Doc, stop the clock.

Don’t want to see pictures of a cock.

I’mma Block !

That nasty shit just ain’t me.

I’m classy, never trashy.

No Tit pics, don’t flash me.

No obligation to ADD you, so tell me why you mad BOO ?

[This is a Public Service Announcement!]

[Social Media is being attacked!]


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