I'm Alright Daddy.


This isn't a broken heart from a parted lover, not a poem about strangers.This isn't about some little fight, this is me, simply telling you, I'm alright. I was never good enough, and that's okay.Just a little girl, in a big world, without a place. I was used to it, and I felt secure.Then you left, "Daddy," you left me with a curse!Mom is doing well, she does what she can.She does more than you ever -- ever did.But when I'm all alone inside my head,the sickness you gave me crawls into my body again.It's hard not to break when I'm so bent.But I think I've managed to do it.You wanted to hurt me, and that you did.But I like to believe I am stronger now,because of how it all ended.I'm taking a breath and gaining control.I'm holding my head up, holding it high. Looking towards the sky, I look at the light. I don't need you. I'm just telling you, I'm alright.


The Unknown Bubbels

Your really good at this & I love the poem . Im still praticing poems myself . 
It was a touching peice by the way im sorry you've had to go through that .


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