Drowning in the confusion that is my soul.
Begging for mercy, from this unknown path that I'm taking.
Reflecting numbness, but I'm only searching for it, always calling out in the night.
Something to take away all the feelings.
A quick medicine to take away questions, or to at least change the answers.
Grabbing mindlessly in the darkness for something to hold on to.
I'm a walking insecurity, is there no shepard for my soul to keep.
Or at least a reaper to collect in the end.
Is there no shelter, no haven from my fear? No way to remove the evil that is myself.
Only unspeakable ways to quiet the demons in mind. How can I fight the world when I am busy fighting myself.
How can I win someone's heart when I've already lost mine.
It begin with a touch and it ends with a letter.
I was made and now I am finished.


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