It's Hard Being Funny


It's hard being funny. They wait for you to ease the tension. "You make awkward situations comfortable!" You cool the place down with an allegory that's so random they'll reminisce about it for weeks. 

It's hard being funny. Your personality is solely your humor. Not brave, optimistic, nor intelligent; just funny. There's no need to make you laugh, because you have yourself to laugh with.

It's hard being funny. Your struggle and pain is emitted the only way you know how to convey things. Jokes and silly stories are just that, your sadness isn't something serious. You can never be upset, because you’re funny.

It's hard being funny when everyone only knows you as that. You're not anything else, but funny. 

It’s hard being funny. Being silly or spontaneous contributes to other’s laughter, but they forget that humility is the factor you must go through in order to make them laugh. Your weaknesses on display for two cheap chuckles from people that will never ask what the story was that influenced the, “hilarious joke.”

It’s hard being funny when you don’t want to be.


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