I thought you´d always be there

I thought you´d never leave

Now you’ve left me standing

With my heart left on my sleeve


You swore we were forever

And never will we part

Now I lay here all alone

In fragments of my heart


You told me our love was endless

But then you said goodbye

Now I’m drowning everyday

In the very tears I cry


You made me see the beauty

Hidden deep inside your eyes

But insanity clouded over

And now I’m lost inside your lies


You gave me my happy ending

Then you took it all away

Now I’m living in a tragedy

In this nightmare I’m forced to stay


I’m running around in circles

Just trying to catch my breathe

A sudden and painful ending

I’ve finally met my death


The moon is still shining

The darkness is lit by stars

But I wake up every morning

Feeling the weight of all these scars.


You left me here with nothing

But perfect memories

Now I’m haunted with the past

Now there’s no future that I see


You were my fairytale,

My perfect dream come true

But now it’s all a nightmare

And there’s nothing I can do


You away my oxygen

You left me lifeless on the ground

I tried to follow you to surface

But you left me and I drowned. 


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