Hello, Anxiety.

A ball of anxiety, curled in my stomach.

That bad boy spreads into my heart and brain,

Causing quite a havoc.

Hello, anxiety.

Your sense of menacing doom and lissome figure,

Happens to loom in the darkest of crannies at dusk.

In a second, you send me into a scary daydream.

Making me confused, holding myself tightly,

To what I have what’s left of me.

Hello, Anxiety.

You make me think the ones I love, hate me.

You make me freeze when the ones I love, are in danger or hurt.

It is you, anxiety.

Making me feel like I am such a burden.  

Hello, anxiety.

To my legs and arms that shudder in your presence,

To the aching in my heart which is ever so intense.

When the pain dwindles, I feel cold almost.

One day I'm missing your anger and strong hold,

Then my body feels sick and rejects your feeling.

Hello, anxiety.

Your feeling which excretes through my bones,

Making me feel normal.

Until, you come back to make my body YOUR home.

Go away, anxiety.

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