Dear Almost lover, 


I'm writing this because I never got closure.

It's been awhile since we've talked

and I think it's time for a disclosure

and I don't want to be mocked. 


Do you know I cried the day we called it off?

But I don't think you really care,

it's not something you can just turnoff.

Now all we do is glare

and that makes me want to swear,

about how I wasn't aware,

that you never cared.  


My sadness turned into anger

and I know I said things I'm ashamed of now,

but nobody likes a cliffhanger,

so I guess I should take a bow.


You told me everything I wanted to hear,

but I couldn't do the same.

Because sharing my feelings is hard, i'm no Shakespeare.

so am I to blame?

For our dying flame,

or were you were you just playing a game?

I wish you felt ashamed.


As months went on I let it go.

You left me for your past

and I started to grow,

but now your days are overcast. 


I've learned you were holding me back.

I started becoming unrecognizable.

I was off track.

You made me unstable

and played me like a turntable.

I'm glad I pressed disable,

because you were mislabeled.


We probably will never talk again

and for some reason that still makes me sad.

But i'm glad we didn't sustain,

and i'm no nomad,

but i'm at peace and not mad.


I wish I got closure the way I wanted,

but this will have to do.

Because I'm exausted,

thinking about you.






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