Mountains in the Clouds

Sometimes at night as the sun is setting,

Falling below the hills like an old balloon,

I see them. Mountains in the sky

Ominous mounds of magic or cloud


Could be earth or maybe something more

Locked in a place between day and night

A challenge, beckoning me to climb

To reach the top and look down


But then they’re gone, blown away

By a current in the breeze

A secret agent hiding a top secret world

Perhaps a place where I won’t be as sad


I don’t even know why I’m sad these days

Like a lightbulb went out in my brain

And the repairman or lady is on vacation 

Maybe it can’t be repaired at all


Maybe it’s all too implausible 

Perhaps asking to be happy is too much

Like my happiness is a mist meant to

blows away like mountains in the clouds

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