Dear Love,

I know you probably have had millions of different people around the world seek out to you. People of different skin tones and cultures, who have been searching for you their entire life's and not to even have a glimpse of you. The real you. The you that can't be brought or seen with the blind eye. The you that most will never find.

Your so dangerous love, the most deadliest type of drug yet most would happily overdose on you. People have died over you, have fought, have cried but your such a illusion, love. The closer people get to you and the more people find out about you, the more they come to the conclusion your not even who you claim to be, just a imposter hiding behind the faces of so many others.

Maybe it's not your fault love. Maybe we're the ones to blame. Maybe we all
just got so caught up in who we wanted you to be and what we wanted you to look like that we didn't see who you truly were. We've watched movies and read books trying to get a shimmer of what it would be like to have you.
To find you, to lose you, to forget you.

The thing is love, you don't care who you mess over. Your a coward in so many different ways but I forgive you love. I forgive you love, because your so damn beautiful that your worth being broken over and over again for. Your worth the midnight heart ache and the oblivion,
your worth the wait.
you continuously break yourself off into these tiny little pieces to try to please us. But when you break yourself into those tiny pieces and try to put yourself inside us love your also putting in the pain, because then everyone's trying to find their missing piece but they never fully will because they need the whole heart to completely them. Not just another broken piece.

So I ask of you love to stop trying to give yourself away for us. Let us find you. I know your out there somewhere, just do me a a favor and stay out there. Tell your girlfriend, Hate, I said "hello" by the way, and I hope one day I'll find someone who will balance me out the way it does you.

Just another heart broken victim.

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