I Can't Explain Myself ; WHO AM I?


United States

Who am I?

I am the new definition of loneliness if it ever needed one

I am unseen

I am alone

I am unwanted

Trapped in this place I can't call home,

in a city so dead

This is who I am


Who am I?

I am not alone

I am not unseen

I am not sadness

I am a flower,

growing like all of you

I am happy

This is who I am


This poem is about: 
Our world



who am I

Am I the undrestood one or the one stood under

Am I the one paying attention or is attention paying me

Am I the focuse or am I the one being focused on

Is this understanding clear to me or am I blurred out in this attractive world

who am I

Am I ran over or do I run over

Am tripping others in the race or am I being tripped

Am I leading or being lead

At the end of the day this matters more than matter itself

Becuase besides you there's no one else

Who can push you the way you do

And encourage you the way you do

So if don't this what's left to do

If this is not accomplished it'll leave you wondering


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