Your Eyes


United States
36° 0' 57.9672" N, 115° 3' 30.4596" W

To look into your eyes is to see fire
Set ablaze by the creator Himself.
The way you gaze only takes me higher.
I wish to keep you and those eyes myself.
I look and fall into a pool of blue,
Green flecks draw my attention closer still.
Unique is their beautiful and bright hue.
One look from those luminous eyes could kill.
But for those eyes, I am not the vision.
I am not what they see when they are closed.
Though your face is what my heart is missing,
I will just be a friend to you at most.
So look on, straight through my loveless, sad heart,
But know I will always be seeing you.



Eyes are the gateway to the soul. You can tell so much about a person by them, yet so little at the same time.

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