Trembling they rise

Immersed in my grief

Ferrying my troubles with them


Dancing they fall

Catching the light

Diving down my cheek


Eyes bleed my miseries

Wrist bleeds my soul

The memories

The fantasies

 The colors


The indescribable emotion


Strangely addictive

I drink their poison


Always remember

Never again

Forever this moment

I shall recall

As the hues faded

As the hues flooded

I was forced to swallow it all


Salty but sour

Bitter but sweet

Leaving behind

Moving beyond

Softer than death

Harder than life

But they return to me


Droplets of dreams

Meet me to sing my song of sorrow

My color they take

Rising awake

To comfort me at the bottom


What happened or what will

The future but the past

Inklings and notions

Whispers and words

They’re grabbing until I forget


Human experience

Unfair and uneven

Never should justice prevail

Taking and draining

Until my world is black and white


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