One heart, Two faces

Oh it's you. 

Hello again! I know, it's been so long, it's so nice to see you!

What do you think? I've barely been holding myself together. 

Are you kidding, I've never been better! How's the wife?

Is she satisfied that she managed to steal you away from me so easily?

Oh me? No, no I'm not married. I can't be held down, you know that.

Does she ever make you smile like I can? God, I miss that laugh.

Work? Oh I recently opened up the restaurant down the block, you should think about giving it a try.

Please don't ever show up, it'd be a nightmare if I was called to wait on your table.

A promotion? Congratulations! Are you guys planning on celebrating?

I would've. With or without a raise, I'd celebrate us.

Your phone is ringing, is that her calling now?

Oh, tell your mom I've missed her too. Is your dad still driving her up the wall?

Well that was very abrupt, is everything alright?

Do they still hate the way she treats you? When are you gonna stop defending her?

I'm sorry to hear, but hey, I'm sure they'll come around eventually.

I wish you would. 

It's almost Thanksgiving, you can try to bring everyone together.

Of course she wouldn't like it. She knows everyone sees why she's with you.

Me? Oh, I wouldn't want to impose, thank you very much though.

I can't stand her triumphant smirk, her judgmental glare staring into my soul.

No really, I'm completely fine. Don't sweat it.

Speak of the devil. 

No, yeah of course. I understand. Wouldn't wanna keep her waiting.

You're just as warm as I remember. Is that a new cologne?

It was nice seeing you too! Definitely, I'll keep in touch!

Until next time I'm lucky enough for a bit of small talk with you.

I'll be waiting.






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