Love Song to Life

It’s a beautiful world,
But sometimes my love uncurls,
Like a newborn leaf.
I grind my teeth and stand outside the tombstone,
Using up all my will
Not to call you on the phone.
This speakeasy is the devil inside me
It takes over my mind, constructs a lie
I wish I was kind, I ask myself why
Am I not like the rest?
Is it a test to show mother Earth
What’s inside of me,
Will it unlock the key?
Baby, please stand by me,
I’ll be your river,
Born to be your giver.
Honey, let me be your sweet honey bee.
I’m speaking to you, sweet, delicious life.
Your bittersweet love pierces me like the knife
I cut into my skin.
So I pick up my pen
And write a song,
Mother Earth, please sing along.


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