Eyes of My Demise


It all happened so fast.

A beat of my heart.

A stroke of my soul.


I looked down,

                  Eyes closed.

I sucked in a breath,

                  Lungs filled.

I heaved a long sigh,

                  Laced with regret.


One finger holds a hand,

While the other holds a pencil.

One smile hides a tired soul,

And one tear says it all.


One foreign giggle clouds my thoughts

As I reach down to touch a wisp of hair

That covers the eyes of my demise.


If only I had someone beside me;

Someone to help me feel whole

Rather than feel broken.


If only I had been supported

Rather than pushed away.


If only I was loved 

Rather than hated.


If only I could be the kid that I am

Rather than the adult shell that I have to put on.





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