LMRM (Louis Manuel Reyes Mon)

I'm missing you everyday,

You are always on my heart and mind,

I try to see your face but I fear it is fading away,

Im longing to hear your voice,

I'd love to hear your laugh,

There is so much that has changed,

But of course you already know,

I would do anything for just one more second,

I wish I could have said goodbye,

Not saying just how much you really mean,

Will always be my biggest regret in life,

I know your watching now,

I know you are my angel in Heaven,

I hold the wind to keep safe and warm,

It is the closest I have to your old embrace,

I miss you so much Manuel,

You are an inspiration and so much more,

I know you can not hear me,

Do you think I am crazy?

Well I need you to save me tonight.

I love you, LMRM


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