Happy Pills

Today was like every other day

It was so terribly long   and so terribly dreary


I fear these feelings will never end

I’ll always feel so dark   feel so hopeless


Sometimes all I want is for it to end

For all of it to end   for all of my thoughts to end


I despise the way that always comes to mind

But I feel so lost   feel so hopeless


If something would just work

But nothing has worked   

Nothing can fix this


These feelings will pass.

These days won't feel so endless… or so absolutely heavy.


Just give it some time.

Just give it some hope….  and some belief.


The ‘happy pills’ will work.

The doctor says they'll help… they'll help it go away.


Just dump the pill in your hand.

Let yourself place the little white thing on your tongue… Let yourself throw your head back and swallow.


It'll make this better.

It should make me feel better.


Everything has changed!

The world is so bright— The world is so loud!


I don’t know how I never noticed!

The sun is so warm— The grass is so green!


I feel so awake!

I feel so content— I feel so happy!

It’s so strange!

I’m not anxious— I’m not overthinking!


I guess those pills really worked!

I think I’m really getting better— I think I’m really going to be happy!


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This kinda describes my life, awesome poem.

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