Something More

Old man look at me and say what you see. People say I'm a spitting image, all your pain and anger as a teen, look at me! I live it! Can you please realize, you of all people should know when you look in my eyes. I know you can see it, cease with your lies! Old man you see yourself, I do not blame you or mother for my anger, but we use it as a barrier, making I to you a simple stranger. Old man can you see my pain, to you and mom I'm only seen as strange. The dark colors I wear do not define who I am inside, I do not feel welcome here in the house I reside. Old man place yourself in my shoes and say what you would. You were in the same state I am as a teen, the time when you ran from home and made your soul unclean. My soul is unclean and yet I stay, because I keep the demons that came upon me at bay. There is more for me somwhere, for now i must bunker down, someday I will leave this town. Old man, will this all subside, will you accept me, I'v wasted so much time, just trying to make you proud. I am but your dissapointment, but I know there is more for me somewhere.


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