50 Years In This Place

Fifty years in this place,

He said, come on baby dance with me,

And she took his hand as he took hers,

On his ring finger was a pair of stars…


But, he took his time,

Fifty years ago he said,

Will you be mine?

And she took his hand and said goodbye,

He never really understood just why,


But, now fifty years,

Later, tables turn,

And she can see,

He has missed her-

Mister and his miss’n wife,

Found later with tears in her eyes,


Said she was in town,

For some business trip she said,

Why don’t I come on down,

She said “I’m sorry-“, he said:

Fifty years and fifty times,

Have you brought some tears to these eyes,


But, he turned away,

Like she did the same,

And she couldn’t say,

The right thing in the moment at the wrong time,

50 years, 50 times,

50 tries…tries…tries


50 years,

It was just about time that she left,

Sitting here,

He thought maybe if I just asked one dance,

Oh my my,

There he goes,

Whiskey glass on the table,


He took her hand,

She turned back just in time,

He said “Sally Ann, won’t you be mine?”

For one dance, it’s all I ask,

Then you can get back on your path,


Then she knew,

Those two stars on his finger,

One was meant for her,

A constellation couplet,

He had planned a happily ever,

After everything was lost,

She ran away at her own cost,


So she left him,

So he’s sat here,

Nothing wrong here,

All is lost here,

Faith is broken,

Hearts are stolen,

Losing hope,

and Losing focus,

Keep your eyes on the stars…

He said that’s where you are,

She said, “No, that’s where i’m meant to be”

He smiled and it was destiny…


50 years

50 times,

50 lies,

50 tries,


15 minutes to hold her hand,

15 minutes just so they could dance,

Made the best of me,

He said you made the best of me,

We’re destiny…



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