Thu, 11/23/2017 - 02:57 -- Damil09

I wish not to be forgotten

Or my seemingly numb heart

Because of the things I’ve said

But did not meant

And my dry voice

Walking over people’s hearts

Just because I feared

They would later escape

Not look back anymore

Leaving me drowning

On the darkness of my own confusion.

I know I have a heart

It still bumps within

Hiding in between my lungs

Wanting to burst out

Open up to the multitudes in front of me


That can’t be.

I would rather hide everything

Than see mirrors of myself

Being shattered by some stranger

Who shares a piece of my heart

As if they have the right

And if they own it

Then leave it on the ground

For centuries to come

Remaining with sharp pieces

Knifed into my lungs

Suffocating me

Losing hope on living.

Then I start running away

I don’t want their punches to come

Hit me where it hurts the most

Leaving me bleeding on the ground

Standing in front of me

Mercilessly watching

With me not being able to see their faces


I heard shadows of their voices

Saying things I can’t understand

Making my heart numb once again.


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