Dear Mom

Dear mom 
I'm falling , I'm turning myself in 
I'm sorry for being born 
I'm sorry for all that I have done wrong

Mom I need a hug 
My heart is broken 
I'm feeling something I don't want

Mom I can't stop my tears , I'm desperate 
Look at my way I'm frozen between time


Dear mom 
Your front of me 
But I'm coward can't ask for you to hold me


Mom , why did put me in a school 
Where I can't be tough 
Mom the society I know of taunts me 
The people torments my brain and soars my vein

I walk in the halls , very studious and proud 
But the heavy weight of discrimination makes me bluff

Mom I'm tired , I'm turning my pages back 
I'm running but can't see the flag 
I'm changing I'm hating myself 
Mom help me look at my way

School gives me fake dreams and envious stares 
Outside my room I'm always trap in a devil's maze

Dear mom 
Can you give me a set of wings 
So I can fly 
Mom let me bloom please don't deny 
Mom I'm not your  little girl anymore 
Let me go I'm trying to survive 
Why you  looking down on me, because I'm  a girl 
Why are you fearing, Please stop doubting me 
Mom don't worry I won't disappoint you

Mom I'm writing ✍️ this poem from my room 
My heaven, my glory, my throne 
I hate everything else outside my room 
Mom I'm standing in the corner just watching 
My friend groups is big but I see them laughing 
I call for them please look back 
I'm a stranger following their back

Mom I like my friends 
They gave me a pencil ✏️ and told me to write 
I told them a story unconscious insight 
We laughed at every joke till late night 
But when the day comes the story ends , without a bride 
We spended moments filled with good times but in the end I'm always on standby 
Why can't I be close with them no matter how much I try

Dear mom
I wanna cry out  loud as the thunder's sound 
Get on my knees and back to my feet 
Mom -- 
Do you think I can survive 

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Amazing, super painful and relatable. I love how you repeat the words "Dear Mom" for impact, it makes it really personal like you are screaming for help over and over!

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